Best Sheep Hunting Boots

In this article, we have been created the list of the best hunting boots that caught our attention from what we read, saw and learned from other hunters in different blogs. Now it is much easier to choose the right one for you. 1. Comparison Chart For Best Sheep Hunting Boots SL PRODUCT IMAGE PRODUCT … Read more

Best Elk Hunting Cooler

Having a good cooler when you go on elk hunting is critically important or else your food will end up spoiled or warm when it is supposed to be chilled. There are specific types of coolers that work better for elk hunting than others. So, if you’re an elk hunter, here’s our list of the … Read more

Best Reciprocating Saw Blade For Deer

A reciprocating saw blade is one of the most commonly used saw blades. A reciprocating saw blade cuts in a back and forth, repeating motion. The reciprocating motion of these blades moves smoothly in a “sawing” effect These saw blades are one of the popular power tools used in construction, HVAC system work, and decking. … Read more

Best Rifled Slug

A slug is a lead projectile made for use in a rifles with rifled barrels. Generally slugs are used in smooth bore, rather than rifled, shotguns because of their high-angle trajectory. The use in shotguns with choke tubes is about the same as bullets for pistols or revolvers, that is, shorter range and or close … Read more

Best Cooler For Deer Hunting

Hunters often find themselves in situations where the temperature is both hot and humid, which makes deer hunting tough. Hunters need to be able to preserve meat for up to 4 days while still being able to easily access it. If they want maximum convenience, the coolers need the ability to swing open without requiring … Read more

Best Upland Hunting Gloves

The best hunting gloves for upland bird hunters are those that present a balance of features that protects from contact with briars, cactus, and the occasional thorn, as well as those that offer some level of dexterity. In order to find the best hunting gloves for upland bird hunting, I surveyed a number of outdoorsmen … Read more

Best Hunting Knee Pads

Hunting knee pads are one of the best tools that hunters use to keep themselves stealth in the wild. They are worn over the bottom of ones’ pant in order to provide protection for their legs in case they should kneel in an area where they might need to use their hands to catch an … Read more

Best 12 Gauge Choke For Rabbit Hunting

A 12 gauge shotgun is a hallmark of a seasoned hunter. It’s a weapon that requires a lot of patience and knowledge about the weapon to be useful. A 12 gauge shotgun chokes refer to how open or closed they clip at the point on projectile. Chokes can either close the pellet for longer range … Read more

Best Choke For Rabbit Hunting

Rabbit Hunting Season Is a Dim Reciprocation for the Chance to Own a Nutria as a Pet Hunting season is now from October 1 to March 1, and those who live in rural communities find it as one of the few opportunities to provide time rewarding great memories. Most hunters will experience about 5-7 hunts … Read more

Best Hunting Puffy Jacket

A puffy jacket is a type of outerwear whose primary distinction is a synthetic filling sandwiched in a lining which provides a voluminous type of warmth that maintains it’s insulative levels even when damp or wet from rain or snow. Instead of the traditional down filling, they use highly compactable synthetic fillings with high loft … Read more