What Pellets Is Best For Shooting Squirrels?

If you’re looking for the best pellets to shoot squirrels, there are several factors to consider. Cost of ammo, accuracy, velocity and power, and recoil considerations are all important in selecting the right ammunition for your needs.

What Is Pellets For Hunting?

Pellets for hunting are small, cylindrical projectiles that are usually made of lead, copper, or steel. They are typically used in air guns and airsoft weapons, and are designed to fire at relatively low velocities. Pellets are most commonly used for hunting small game such as birds, rodents, and other small animals.

Pellet Choice:

Matching the size of the pellet to the size of the squirrel is important. If the pellet is too large, it may not penetrate the squirrel’s fur and can cause injury. If the pellet is too small, it may not be powerful enough to cause enough damage to the squirrel. Therefore, finding the correct size pellet is key.

In addition to size, the range of the pellet is also important. Having a pellet that is accurate and effective at longer distances is beneficial. The pellet must be able to travel the necessary distance in order to be effective.

Furthermore, the penetration power of the pellet is important. The pellet must be able to penetrate the squirrel’s fur and cause enough damage to take it down. This is help you to chose which one is best pellet for squirrels hunting.

Caliber Selection:

When it comes to caliber selection, .177 caliber and .22 caliber are the most popular choices. The .177 caliber is a smaller pellet and is typically used for small hunting and target shooting. The .22 caliber is a larger pellet and is used for larger hunting and target shooting.

Ammunition Type:

Lead-free pellets are a great choice for shooting squirrels. They are non-toxic and will not harm the environment. Heavier pellets are also a great option for longer distances. Heavier pellets can travel further and are more accurate than lighter pellets.

Brand Considerations:

Crosman pellets and RWS pellets are two of the leading brands when it comes to shooting squirrels. Crosman pellets are known for their accuracy and range. RWS pellets are known for their power and penetration.

Ammo Quantity:

The quantity of pellets that you use depends on the type of shooting you are doing. If you are hunting, single shot pellets are typically used. If you are target shooting, multi-shot pellets are typically used.

Ultimately, choosing the right pellets for shooting squirrels is an important decision. Pellet size, range and penetration power all play a role in making the best choice. It is important to consider caliber, ammunition type, brand and ammo quantity when choosing pellets for shooting squirrels.

Cost Of Ammo:

When it comes to cost, bulk packages may be the most economical option. Single-shot packages tend to cost more per round but can be good for those who don’t need a lot of rounds at once.


When it comes to accuracy, multiple shots should be fired in order to get an accurate reading of performance. This is especially true if you are shooting a rifle or pistol with a scope as scopes can become misaligned over time.

Velocity And Power:

Measuring the speed and power of your ammo is also important when deciding which pellets are best for shooting squirrels. Generally speaking, pellets with higher velocities will have more knockdown power on small game like squirrels.

Recoil Considerations:

When selecting ammunition for small game hunting, recoil can be an important consideration. Low-velocity ammo typically has less recoil than high-velocity ammo and can make shooting more comfortable for the shooter.

FAQ & Answers:

What Type Of Pellet Gun Is Best For Shooting Squirrels?

The best type of pellet gun will depend on the size of game you are trying to hunt as well as your personal preferences. Generally speaking, a .177 or .22 caliber pellet rifle will work well for small game such as squirrels but other calibers may also work depending on the size of your target animal and your preferred range.

How Many Shots Should I Fire For Accuracy Testing?

It is recommended that multiple shots be fired in order to get an accurate reading on performance when testing accuracy with any type of firearm or pellet gun.

Safety Tips When Hunting Squirrels with a Pellet Gun:

When hunting squirrels with a pellet gun, it’s important to keep safety in mind at all times. Wearing appropriate protective gear such as eye protection and ear protection is recommended when shooting any type of gun. Additionally, hunters should always follow local laws and regulations when hunting small game animals such as squirrels.


There are a variety of pellets that can be used effectively for squirrel hunting. When choosing the best pellets for shooting squirrels, consider factors such as range, accuracy and power. Higher quality lead pellets offer better penetration and more energy at longer distances.

However, lighter alloy pellets provide more accuracy at shorter distances. Ultimately, the best pellet for shooting squirrels is one that suits your specific needs. Make sure to practice with different types of pellets to determine which one best fits your individual preferences and shooting style.

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