What Type of Clover Do Deer Like Best?

There are many different types of clover that deer like to eat, but the three most popular types are white clover, red clover, and alsike clover. Each type of clover has its own unique flavor and nutrient profile that deer find appealing.

white clover has a sweet flavor and is high in protein, red clover is slightly bitter but is high in calcium and magnesium, and alsike clover is a mix of the two and is high in both protein and calcium.so it is clear that all types of clover are good for deer. and it seem like deer like all types of clover. specially white clover.

What Can I Plant With White Clover For Deer?

You can plant just about anything with white clover for deer. Some good options include corn, wheat, alfalfa, and soybeans.

Clover provides a great source of nutrition for deer, and when planted with other crops, it can help to attract them to your property. and also help increase the production of these crops.

Is White Clover Good For Wildlife?

White clover is great for wildlife because it is a perennial plant that grows back every year. It also produces a lot of flowers, which attract bees, butterflies, and other pollinators.

Deer love to eat the leaves and flowers of white clover, so it is a great plant to have in your yard if you want to attract deer and other wildlife. white clover also help the wildlife with the protein. so it is clear that white clover is good for wildlife.

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