What Size Water Bladder For Hunting?

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers on What size water bladder for hunting?:

What Size Water Bladder For Hunting?

A 5-gallon bladder is what we recommend to our clients.

What Are The Benefits of The Bladder Vs Bottle?

The bladder is easier to clean, refill, and carry than a bottle. It is also more durable than a regular water bottle, which could get punctured on a fence or tree branch. The bladder can be hung easily from a tree and will not leak as easily as a plastic water bottle. If you want to keep it easy and simple, the water bladder is your best bet!

What Size Water Bladder Should I Get?

You will want to get a 3-5 gallon bladder to have plenty of water for your hunt. We recommend at least one person have their own bladder. It is also recommended that you have a small bladder for each dog to always be hydrated when there is water in the field. If a dog gets thirsty, they will not be able to wait for you to refill their water. In addition, if they drink too much they can get hypothermic. If you are in a field where you cannot refill your bladder, it is recommended that you have a 7-10 gallon backpack with extra water for your dog.

I am Going On A Long Hunting Trip, What Should I Do To Keep My Water Cool?

If you are going on a long trip, you will want to keep your bladder in the refrigerator overnight before your trip. This will allow your water to stay cool for much longer than if it was not refrigerated. You can also dip your bladder in cold water or an ice bath if things start getting hot!

What Is The Largest Hydration Bladder?

There are hydration bladders up to 80-gallon capacities.

How Long Does The Water Last In A Bladder?

It will last as long as you have water left in the bladder, which can vary depending on how hot it is outside, how much your dog drinks, and how much you drink! It is always recommended to bring some water with you just in case you run out of water.

What Is The Best Hydration Bladder For Hunting?

The products we recommend are the Platypus Big Zip LP 3L Hydration Bladder and the Platypus Big Zip SL 2.5L Hydration Bladder. Both of these products are a favorite among hunters as well as hikers because they are lightweight, durable, easy to clean and refill, and easy to carry on your back!

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